Kapha represents mother earth. The elements are earth and water. Kapha is loving, grounded and soft. Childhood is time for kapha. It is time when we are still growing. Kapha is stable, cool, heavy and body structure is big and strong. 

Kapha can be recognized for having clammy cold skin, thick hair, strong nails and good healthy teeth, loving big eyes and big facial features. They normally have very good bone- and muscle structure. 

The challenge is that they tend to gain weight too easily and many times they might be overweight. Kapha individuals often like sweet tastes although this is something that they should avoid.  Kapha stores weight and liquid in their body very easily. 

Kapha should do a lot of sports and sweat. Sauna is one good option too. They are often slower and like relaxing Yin Yoga and stretching. They are often bendy because of so much liquid in the body. The better choice with yoga would be a stronger one with sweating and moving. It is important for Kapha to keep moving because they have a tendency to stay inmovil. Sometimes this might occur as depression when it is difficult to stay active. A big amount of earth element in the body and mind may make the body feel heavy. In these moments it would be better to choose lighter choices. For example vegetarian, warm, but light food. 

Kapha´s metabolism is slower and they shouldn’t eat as often as Vata and Pitta. Kapha can choose spicy food to diet to fasten the metabolism.