Pitta is a combination of fire and water. Usually Pitta individuals are intelligent and their mind is sharp (sometimes so sharp that they might say something upsetting). At its best Pitta is very loving, caring and intelligent. On the other side they might also be very ego-oriented and selfish. Pitta is a forward pushing force and many successful people have qualities of Pitta. 

Pitta can be recognized by the penetrating gaze. They look fixedly straight to the eyes and it might even feel uncomfortable because of the intensity. Common traits for Pitta are also red hair, freckles and normal body weight. 

Digestive problems and heartburn are common discomforts for Pitta. They can’t eat spicy. greasy, salty or very sour food without problems in digestion. Pitta regulates digestion (Agni). They can’t stand hunger well and the hunger comes often very strong and sudden. This is why Pitta individuals should keep regular habits. They might be angry or irritated when they are hungry. 

Pitta is warm and needs cooling elements for routines, food and also mentally. Suitable foods are sweet, astringent and bitter. They should avoid hot midday sun and saunas. Summertime it is better to focus on calmer sports like yoga and avoid hard sports in sunlight. Heat and other unfavorable habits might cause Pitta acne and other skin problems, migraine, diarrea, infections and mental irritation.  

It is important to avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine.