The traditional ayurvedic massage Abhyanga is made with warm oils. It is a full body massage and the body is massaged from head to toe. Massaging the stomach is a very important part of the massage because in ayurveda we focus on a healthy intestine. This is also why you should come to a massage with an empty stomach. It is recommended not to eat at least 2 hours before the ayurvedic massage.  

Massage provides relaxation and it enables our bodies to grow and renew. It helps to eliminate the toxins and clean the body while maintaining the health of the body. Cleansing is beneficial for achieving joy and inspiration. 

Massage helps you to rejuvenate the body and is recommended for all ages. In India massages are given regularly already to newborns and they are massaged daily with oil until the age of three and after this age the massage is given weekly. Later, when the children are big enough, they can give and receive the massages from the family members. This tradition is still alive in rural areas in India. They have weekly massages with the family members. 

Massage works on both the mental and physical levels. Mentally it gives relaxation and physically it helps all the systems in the body – the circulatory, muscular, skeletal, digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, nervous, endocrine and the immune system. Massage leads the body in self-healing. 

In ayurvedic routine, Ritucharya, a self massage is applied daily in the morning to the whole body with warm oils starting from the face and scalp and continuing the rest of the body. You would be surprised how calm you feel after a full body massage with warm oils and a bath. This gives a relaxing feeling for all day and an important message to yourself by taking good care of yourself. Massage has so many health benefits and can help with stress. If you have problems with sleeping, you can apply warm sesame oil to your feet or head before going to bed.